Empower Your Women to Live in their Divine Design
Invite Julia and bring an energetic, new voice to help your ladies dig in deeper and get excited about their identity in Christ.  

A little laughter and a lot of empowerment goes a long way!  Consider one of these options for your MOPS meeting, conference, or event:

  • GodlyDIVA Brunch, Luncheon, or Banquet
  • GodlyDIVA Tea Party
  • GodlyDVIA Night Out (unwind and let’s get real with God, and one another! wonderful outreach opportunity)
  • GodlyDIVA MOPS meeting (designed specifically for the mommies, complete with personal assessments and profile discussion)
  • GodlyDIVA Bible Study (guest speaking)
  • GodlyDIVA Doing Good (bring some ladies – single moms, homeless, those struggling with addiction or abuse – and let’s love on them and remind them that they are wonderfully made!)

**Unless requested otherwise, all speaking engagements will conclude with a very gentle invitation for salvation/rededication as well as a call-to-action.***

What you can expect for me?
Speaking Topics are based on a conversation with the event organizer or ministry leader.  All my speaking is biblically-based (I weave in scripture), but practical with everyday examples so that it can reach even the non-Christians in a room.  There’s going to be laughter, and maybe a few tears, but my prayer is that everyone experiences a unique touch from God.  I’m just the vessel.